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Professional Commercial & Industrial Services since 1960

We Utilize A Comprehensive Safety Program

At Korellis, we have safety regulations in place that meet or exceed roofing industry standards.

Outstanding Commercial & Industrial Roofing Services

Korellis specializes in commercial and specialty roofing that offers unique architectural challenges.

We Bring Sophistication to the Construction Industry

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Recognized as the largest service fleet in the area, we take pride in providing the highest quality of service to our customers 24/7/365.

Commercial Roofing

We stay on top of new product research and select tested, state-of-the-art…

Industrial Roofing

Commitment to quality has been the foundation of Korellis since 1960.


Our preventative maintenance program maintains regularly scheduled inspections…

Emergency Service

Providing exceptional service is the primary focus of the Korellis Service Department.
Providing the Highest Standards
Our skilled tradesmen and women have the ability and training to work with every type of roofing material. Korellis is the contractor of choice for its customers who demand the highest standards in safety, quality, and professionalism.
Commercial & Industrial Roofing
Korellis has a portfolio that includes some of the most durable, energy- efficient, and unique roofing systems in the local commercial and industrial markets.
Employee Invested Professionalism
Korellis is 100% employee owned through an ESOP. Everyone has a vested common interest in serving customers’ needs and requests.


Korellis provides all commercial and industrial professional roofing services.

We’re Ready to Work With You

The mission of Korellis is to be the roofer of choice for its customers and the employer of choice for its people; to set the highest standards for quality and safety, and to achieve a fair balance of responsibility, profitability and corporate citizenship.