Mission Statement

The “Korellis Way” goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations through our commitment to safety, performance, workmanship, and consistently outperform our peers in all facets of roofing and related construction services.

The “Korellis Way” requires we respect our associates, provide a secured and safe work environment, and positive working environment workforce. We will provide training and resources for technical and personal skill development. Our associates will be fairly compensated.

The “Korellis Way” treats its vendors with mutual respect. We expect fair and competitive pricing consistent with the highest quality products and services. In return, we will be loyal to our vendors and pay them promptly.

The “Korellis Way” will not allow us to compromise these core values and we realize that by holding these values to the highest standards, we will have the greatest opportunity to retain and maintain loyal customers.

Our Vision

To provide security and peace of mind the “Korellis Way”