Preventative Maintenance

Korellis Roofing offers and recommends a preventative maintenance program that maintains regularly scheduled inspections throughout the year and is designed to prevent emergencies. We will take the liberty of tracking and scheduling your inspections so you don’t have to. Typically, the inspections take place in the fall and again in the spring. During the fall inspection, we will clean and check your gutters after the leaves have fallen. The spring inspection focuses on any damage left behind from old man winter as well as cleaning up any debris that may have blown on the roof due to high winds.

Our service technicians will routinely conduct inspections and make minor repairs to ensure your roof has a long life. Regular maintenance increases life expectancy, while lack of a regular inspection increases a roof’s life cycle cost. The equation is simple and we encourage you to take a proactive rather than a reactive approach to your roof. It will save you money over time.

Our program includes a detailed checklist of the inspection and fulfills the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Contact us today to set up your seasonal semi-annual inspections!