Thermal Imagery

As roofing systems age, leaks can occur for a variety of reasons – the origins of which can be challenging at times to pinpoint. Korellis Roofing offers a non-destructive inspection utilizing infrared imaging equipment to detect moisture within the roofing system.

When roof leaks occur, they leave a trail of residual moisture beneath the roofing system. Our thermal imaging inspection can detect this moisture and locate even the smallest areas of water intrusion. During inspection, these areas will be marked on the roof area and can then be evaluated for method of repair.

The overall roof condition can be assessed during a thermal imaging inspection. If the scan indicates
large areas of trapped moisture within the roofing system, a roof replacement may be needed. A thermal scan can help reduce costs of a replacement “tear off”, indicating specific areas of wet insulation. Only the areas compromised due to moisture intrusion can be replaced.

Upon completion we provide reporting which recommends where to repair, how to repair, and areas of partial or full roof replacement, as needed. An aerial view will map out thermal anomalies, along with close up views of each area (sample shown).

How Thermal Imagery Works