Korellis’ craftsmen complete a four-year apprenticeship program designed to teach and keep exceptional field force personnel. At Korellis we continually train our craftspeople in the latest technologies and procedures through manufacturer’s certified vendor programs. We stay on top of new systems, installation techniques, and quality materials.

At Korellis, we strongly believe that education really never stops. To support that effort, a reimbursement program is available to all employees based upon classes that are work/industry/general education related.

With the assistance of a full-time safety coordinator, all training and certifications are tracked in our system to ensure the right, qualified employee is tasked for the necessary work to be completed. This tracking also helps Korellis stay up-to-date with certifications which may soon expire so we can coordinate the retraining of all our employees.

Most recently, Korellis has implemented short, “bite-sized” training videos for quick instruction directly to the entire company via text. Visit our Training Center YouTube page to view our library of videos!

Aiming for the Highest Industry Standards

The Korellis Training Center provides supplemental training to the local union JATC apprenticeship programs. We fast-track skills and knowledge of upcoming apprentices and provide refresher courses to even the most experienced journeypersons. John Zamojski, our Quality and Training Manager is a full-time trainer and is always available. Almost 100% of the training is conducted during inclement weather days and virtually no training is scheduled when our field force has an opportunity to work at a jobsite.

Our quality standards are exceptionally high, and have afforded us opportunities to work in highly specialized industries, such as the Department of Energy’s Nuclear Weapons Processing Centers.

We have accreditation from the NRCA, and our  center is a PROCertification Approved Training Center.